Living in an elevator building with your dog

29 03 2014

Living in an elevator building with your dog

Some of us are lucky to live in a building that is dog friendly. But many of our neighbors don’t want to be near our dogs nor have their butts be sniffed by our cute dogs. I’d tell them to move to a building that doesn’t allow dogs but thats not very realisitic, is it?

So, we get on an elevator that has people on it and I make my dogs stand still and/or sit/stay if they can(my greyhound can’t sit). I do not allow them to roam around the small enclosed space of an elevator. I wish that all dog owners would do the same. Keeping your dogs under control in small spaces makes for good neighbors.

When waiting for the elevator to come and you are in the lobby of your building, don’t stand right outside the elevator door. why? Simple common sense says that you don’t know who’s coming down in that elevator. It maybe a dog with space issues and needs space when that door opens. If you and your dog are right there at the door, it will be a big problem for the dog coming out and your own dog. Simple answer: Stand 6-8 back away from the door while waiting to enter.

1- place your dog in a sit/stay when using the elevator keeping your pooch under your control at all times.

2- Don’t stand at the door when waiting to use the elevator, stand back 6-8 feet for safety.




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