My Dog is Friendly! A Public Service Announcement

26 01 2012

My Dog is Friendly! A Public Service Announcement.

This is a very important topic that nobody has really written about.  Great read!!



11 04 2014

Read this if you don’t know and want to learn.

Living in an elevator building with your dog

29 03 2014

Living in an elevator building with your dog

Some of us are lucky to live in a building that is dog friendly. But many of our neighbors don’t want to be near our dogs nor have their butts be sniffed by our cute dogs. I’d tell them to move to a building that doesn’t allow dogs but thats not very realisitic, is it?

So, we get on an elevator that has people on it and I make my dogs stand still and/or sit/stay if they can(my greyhound can’t sit). I do not allow them to roam around the small enclosed space of an elevator. I wish that all dog owners would do the same. Keeping your dogs under control in small spaces makes for good neighbors.

When waiting for the elevator to come and you are in the lobby of your building, don’t stand right outside the elevator door. why? Simple common sense says that you don’t know who’s coming down in that elevator. It maybe a dog with space issues and needs space when that door opens. If you and your dog are right there at the door, it will be a big problem for the dog coming out and your own dog. Simple answer: Stand 6-8 back away from the door while waiting to enter.

1- place your dog in a sit/stay when using the elevator keeping your pooch under your control at all times.

2- Don’t stand at the door when waiting to use the elevator, stand back 6-8 feet for safety.

Still using a Flexi Leash in the city?

29 03 2014

Flexis in the city
March 28, 2014 at 8:20pm

Aside from the fact that they technically illegal in the city limits, they are a danger to not only those who chose to use them but to all of us who encounter those who use them. Suffice it to say that I’m not a fan of them at all. I literally get away from those who have their dogs on them. They are a great danger to all of us.

If you still think that you are one of thoe ‘special’ people who chose to think that you can use them and not jeopardize others, please keep your dogs on a short leash when passing and especially locked when moving round your builidings. Lock those leashes when you are in your elevators and your lobbies!

I tell those who use them as I’m passing to “lock your leash, please!”

I’m not going to go into all the horror stories of things that have happened to dogs who are on them. You’ve all heard of theses disasters.

I hate them! I refuse to use them if a cleint has them for their dogs. If you hire a dog walker and they agree to use a flexi, do not hire them! Seriously!

Many dog have spacial issues and your dog on a flexi makes for many more problems.

Flexis were designed to be used in wide spaces. A hike in the woods…in the country…on the beach. They were never intended for city use, with the limited space we have on the siidewalks. If you insist on using them, beware of me! :p

1 10 2012

Its National Walk Your Dog Week!
10/1-10/7 Here are some good tips!

notes from a dog walker

It’s National Walk Your Dog Week and to celebrate, I got the chance to guest blog for a wonderful nonprofit called Found Animals Foundation.

The folks at FAF totally get DINOS. So they wanted to help spread the message that even though we’re all really excited about Walk Your Dog Week, we still need to remember to be respectful and responsible too.

I love it when the DINOS messages spreads to a new group of dog lovers!

If you’re looking for a polite way to talk to someone you know about their leash problems, my guest blog: Six Tips for Safer, Happier Dog Walking  is the perfect intervention.  Read it here now.

When you visit the FAF blog to read and share it, don’t forget to let FAF know you appreciate them spreading the DINOS message: DINOS are GOOD dogs, they just need space!

p.s. Need something polite and informative to give…

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How to Safely Interact with Humans

23 05 2012

How to Safely Interact with Humans.


Yes, please do read this one! 😉

New dog owners in NYC

5 04 2012

Having a dog in NYC is really becoming a thing!  I’ve lived here all my life and I don’t think that I’ve ever seen as many dogs on the streets as I do now.  Its getting crazy out there! From the way I see it, most people get a dog and don’t consider that they may need to learn about good and proper dog behavior to teach to their dogs when out and about.

I’m constantly being assaulted by people’s who’s dog is  ‘friendly’.  Yes, I said assaulted!  Because I’m not given a choice if I want the dogs with me to actually interact with that person’s dog.

Many of the dogs are on flexi leashes, which I do not condone on city sidewalks.  Many are on long leashes and come around blind corners way before their owner.  Its not that their dog isn’t friendly or anything else…its about the fact that a dog with me may not be good at interacting on a leash with a dog it doesn’t know.  I keep dogs away from dogs that are with me for everyone’s safety.  Is that so hard to understand?

I’m going to write about good dog etiquette while living in NYC.  There are common sense things that all new dog owners need to know.


1 02 2012

notes from a dog walker

If you’ve recently read My Dog is Friendly!, it may have left you wondering: I have a friendly dog. Am I a MDIF? 

Or maybe the PSA made you kind of mad. You read it and thought, “Hey! I have a friendly dog. Don’t make me the bad guy here!”

Kind readers, allow me to explain. Just because you have a friendly dog, doesn’t mean you’re a MDIF. If you have a friendly dog and you are a thoughtful, responsible guardian – you obeys leash laws and do not permit your dog to act rudely towards others in public – then you’re probably not a MDIF.

Most MDIFs are well meaning people, totally unaware of how their actions impact others. And they don’t actually realize they’re MDIFs!  So in an effort to spread self-awareness across the land, to keep DINOS and dogs of all kinds safe and stress-free, I’d like to present this…

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