Why Choose Citi Walk?

You love your dog and that’s why you want the best for him.

You spend time nurturing your dog, but you also have to be sure they will be happy while you work or have to be away from them.

Judy Kaplan of Citi Walk brings highest levels of expertise to the dog owners of the Gramercy Park area of NY, caring not only for the dogs of the city, but also their owners.

With a 16 year pedigree in dog care, Judy Kaplan has provided reliable, professional, trustworthy and loving care for her ‘family’.  She does all the work herself and doesn’t hire it out to anyone.  Clients always know exactly who is going into their home.

No other dog walking service can match the care and attention to which Judy brings to your pet.  She doesn’t ever use the very dangerous Flexi leashes, nor does she text or allow other distractions while handling other people’s dogs.  Hands and eyes are on her charges!

Check out the Testimonials page to see what people say about Judy Kaplan.

Services offered by CitiWalk

    • Dog Walking
    • Doggy Day Care
    • Short Term boarding
    • Behavioral problem solving
    • Housebreaking for puppies
    • Housebreaking for dogs still ‘going’ in the house
    • Consulting

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